Is silver ready to shine?


As per a recent article of Business standard, Mutual Fund Houses have launched a clutch of new fund offers in the Silver ETF  (exchange traded fund) category this year and collected Rs 1,400 crore in assets.
But why all of sudden Mutual Fund Houses are coming with so many Silver ETF & Fund-of-Fund options, & investing in silver has become a bandwagon? well there are different reasons for that, lets understand them through a crisp analysis below!!

Silver as an Asset class:
Silver comes under the category of precious metal; thus, it has the use case of jewellery & investing, but apart from that, Silver has many use cases in Industry, because of its quality of having high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, high reflectivity. Don’t let these science words bog you down, we are here to simplify things for you . Simply speaking silver is useful in preparation of new-age Batteries, Smart phones, Electric Vehicles, Water filters, Solar panels, medical applications like disinfectants, Mirrors, Coatings, etc.
These Industries are expected to be grow good & bring good demand for silver. And as per the economic equilibrium rule, increase in demand is expected to give increase in prices.

Regulatory Updates:
SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India), the Market regulator has in November 2021, given permission for Silver ETFs, and that is a catalyst for so many Fund houses coming with ETFs & Fund-of-Fund in recent times.

Technical Analysis:

The Price of Silver is near to its support level at 61.8% retracement, this is one of the reasons why some Analyst believes that Silver is expected to have up move from here.

So, is it all rosy?
As every coin has two sides, there are opposing views too. As per past trends, it is seen that silver prices are affected by the value of the rupee against the dollar. Any decrease in the value of the dollar sees the demand for silver increase, & vice versa. And taking into consideration the Monetary tightening going on in USA, the value of USD is expected to appreciate against INR, in-turn pulling the value of silver to down.

Considering all the factors in mind, we can say that the commodity silver which is having good use cases in growing industries, is trading at its support level, which can give the Investor good risk-to-reward ratio.

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