How to start learning stock market in India?

How to start learning stock market in India?

The Stock market is intriguing if you can dedicate your time and devotion to learning and applying it practically. It is rightly said that “Practice makes you perfect”, and that is exactly what we need to apply here as well. Even Spider-Man had to learn how to use his power and figure out the best possible way to apply it while fighting the bad guys. So, what makes us any different when it comes to learning about the stock market?

People have different opinions on how one should initiate this journey. However, I am sharing the top 5 things you can do as a beginner to learn about Stock Market below. Let us find out, without further ado.

1. The first step is to track news related to the stock market daily. You can watch news channels like CNBC, Zee Business before 9 am and/or after 3.30 pm wherein you can watch shows parting knowledge on the subject. If you watch these channels between 9 am to 3.30 pm (which is market hours) you might get overwhelmed with all the information being telecasted about the market throughout the day. So, remember one day at a time. You can also download media apps like Economic Times, Livemint, moneycontrol, etc. which will further add to your knowledge basket.

2. For my reader folks, you can subscribe to market-related magazines like Dalal Street Investment Journal, Money life, Business Today, Outlook Money, etc. Apart from this, you can also read books related to investments and trading to understand the market in depth. You can check out my book suggestions here.

3.You can also use your Google skills to read about the market via various websites available on the internet. Blogs on Investopedia, Groww, Zerodha Varsity provide good content which a beginner can easily comprehend. You can also check out my Blogs here for easy reference.
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4. If you are not a reader, no worries, I got you covered. There are so many YouTube channels that can help you understand basic concepts in the stock market. You can check out my YouTube channel where I have explained numerous concepts right from the ‘Basics of the Stock market’ in the most simplified manner that even a non-finance person can understand, that too ‘FOR FREE!’

5. If you are keen on learning about the market in a detailed and structured format, you can check out my readily available courses here. I have designed all of my courses from beginner level with ‘Basics of Stock Market’, ‘Basics of Technical Analysis’, ‘Magic of Mutual Funds’ to advance level with ‘Art of Value Investing’. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.


Now you are all geared up and eager to invest. But wait, to participate in the market, you need to open a Demat A/c with a SEBI registered broker. This process is very simple and completely online. Click on the image below to know more.



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